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shoot in English:

1. shot shot

Are scientists close to cloning a human being? "Not by a long shot."
He decided to feed his dog the rabbit that he had shot earlier that day.
I've never played golf, but I think I'll give it a shot.
On December 27th 1923, the crown prince was shot by Daisuke Namba.
America's foreign debt shot past $500 billion.
Shot, huh?
For some reason it didn't go well, shot down at every attempt, and he led a sad "History of no girlfriend = Age" life.
He's always talking like a big shot, but it won't be long before all his faults are exposed.
In this next slide we see an aerial shot of the company headquarters.
That's just a shot in the dark. How do you think you'll succeed by just acting on the spur of the moment like that?
The shot is scheduled for tomorrow. Our space shuttle is all ready.
Of course. Now that you say that, certainly Ms Tanaka wasn't shot even once in the mock battles.
To our surprise, our son has suddenly shot up recently.
One morning, I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know.
I only shot four bull's-eyes yesterday.

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