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overwhelmed in English:

1. feeling such strong emotions that you don't know how to react

English word "overwhelmed"(feeling such strong emotions that you don't know how to react) occurs in sets:

4B Take & 5A feelings

2. to have such a strong emotional effect on sb

English word "overwhelmed"(to have such a strong emotional effect on sb) occurs in sets:

THe words2 in English

3. inundated

we've been inundated with complaints from listeners
The basement of his house is constantly inundated with inexplicable water leaks.

4. stunned

They were stunned after finding out about his resignation.
Harry was stunned when he realised that he had won the loterry
My better half screwed me over for being stunned.
How did you fit a briefcase into your pocket?! the woman asked, stunned.
Forgive me, but I'm just a little stunned. / I was stunned, and tried to stop her. / He seemed a bit stunned by this.
I was stunned by the proposal. I just was't expevting it.
Andy is still stunned by his good fortune.
I was stunned such a behaviour
The explosion stunned me.
Most people are stunned and confused when in disasters.
Stan was watching Harry’s stunned face with great enjoyment.
Staff at a Russian safari park was stunned when the unlikely bond formed between the tiger and the billy.
For many stunned by sudden job loss, these small actions help start the healing process.
Friends and family were stunned by her sudden death. We were all stunned at her refusal to help.
I am stunned and saddened by this news. I guess he was stunned by my beauty.

5. stupefied by