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examine in English:

1. to look closely at something

English word "examine"(to look closely at something) occurs in sets:

Test nr 34 z książki Test Your Vocabulary

2. scrutinize

The evidence was carefully scrutinized.
He scrutinized the men's faces carefully/closely, trying to work out who was lying.
I have to scrutinize the data.
She scrutinized the document and claimed that it was a fake

English word "examine"(scrutinize) occurs in sets:

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3. CHECK something OUT

English word "examine"(CHECK something OUT) occurs in sets:


4. GO OVER something

5. go over

I think we should go over your files. / We'll go over the contract to sign on Thursday.
Could you go over this report and correct any mistakes?
Let us go over all the facts of the case again very carefully and see if we can't discover where we are making a mistake.
You should go over your homework.
to go over the details
Remember to go over your essay to check for grammar and spelling mistakes
I'll go over the details again. We're meeting on Friday by the fountain, ok?
The bank manager wants to go over the details of the contract before he approves it.
I always go over my work to look for mistakes.
Let me go over what we have agreed
You will learn the new vocabulary if you go over word lists every now and then.
Sue’s going to help me go over my lines for the play.
I don't understand. Could you go over that again?
With my getting back so late, we haven't had time to go over timetables, and school starts on Monday
I think we should go over our plan again before we tell the managing director.