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vorkommen in English:

1. occurrence

It's a very common occurrence and is not usually considered a problem.
Needless to say, theft was a rare occurrence.
This is a daily occurrence.
Threet-fights ar an everyday occurrence in this area of the city.
The flow of evacuation events from occurrence of a large earthquake to the conclusion of emergency counter measures.
Spilling drinks on a laptop is a common occurrence.
A significant effect was noted on the occurrence of heart failure
There is no data of this species' occurrence in such climate.
We will be having even more extreme weather, and heatwaves, hurricanes, floods, etc. will be frequent occurrences.
Black widow's occurrence in this part of the world is rather rare.
Laughter was a rare occurrence in his classroom.
This building is an exceptional occurrence of Gothic architecture.
How did the person first notice the strange occurrence? He heard a noise.
the greatest occurrence of heart disease in the over-65s
Both victory and defeat are but an everyday occurrence to a soldier.

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2. happen

If you know that something unpleasant will happen, that you will go to the dentist for example, or to France, then that is not good.
what's happening?
He was so healthy up to the minute of his sudden death. You really never know what might happen next.
Suppose there was a worldwide oil shortage in ten years' time. What would happen to the industrialised countries?
If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, did it happen? If a man speaks his mind in a forest, and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?
There are many uses of the 'present tense' of Japanese grammar which indicate things yet to happen.
How does it happen that you were not eaten up with all those hundreds and trillions of cats?
I'm sorry, but do you happen to have the key to that machine over there? My croissant is stuck.
I just got a great job because of an introduction from a friend. Sometimes things happen when you least expect it.
Wealth comes to those who make things happen, not to those who let things happen.
That shan't happen again, Fortunatus said to himself, and they started to ride at each other again. This time, Fortunatus's spear met his foe so powerfully that he flew from his horse like a ball and lay dead on the earth.
(be) Tom happened ... at Alan's when I called in so I invited him to our party as well.
To my chief strategist, David Axelrod, who's been a partner with me every step of the way. To the best campaign team ever assembled in the history of politics! You made this happen, and I am forever grateful for what you've sacrificed to get it done.

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