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sicherlich in English:

1. surely

If Spenser doesn't keep adding and translating sentences, the other contributors will surely surpass him.
Well, I'll surely ask again.
If we are to judge the future of ocean study by its past, we can surely look forward to many exciting discoveries.
Surely one shouldn't knock ash from your cigarette out the car window.
While American methods are often successful, the Japanese educational system that produces the most literate people in the world surely has some lessons to teach the U.S.
An English-Japanese dictionary is surely a must have book, not just for those taking TOEIC, but for all studying English.
Surely, Dima grinned. "You must be joking!"
Esperanto is surely an enormous waste of time!
Here lies one who meant well, tried a little, failed much: — surely that may be his epitaph of which he need not be ashamed.
Among the five of us, he's surely the one who can speak the most languages.
I'm no misogynist, but were I so then I'd surely exempt you.
That wouldn't be the house we're looking for, surely.
It's written abazure (bitch). Surely this must mean a slut?
Surely he can not enter a second time into his mother's womb to be born!

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