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neblig in English:

1. misty misty

It was a misty autumn day.
He is having a little bit of the misty eyes?
This morning will start off misty. / The windscreen is all misty.
a cold and misty morning
The girl disappeared in the misty forest.
I think that Misty has different feelings towards insects.

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2. foggy

She slowly disappeared into the foggy forest.
It's foggy, I can't drive.
foggy mornings
A murderer walked the dark, foggy streets of London.
The weather is foggy today. His mind was still foggy. It's foggy today.
It was to foggy to drive yesterday.
It was a dark and foggy morning, Suzan was scared.
London is a very foggy city because the air is really dirty.
It's so foggy that the plane can't take off
In November it's often foggy.
a foggy day in November
It isn't easy to drive on a foggy day.
It’s often rainy and foggy in England.
If the weather is bad, we shall stay in a hostel or otherwise we might easily be lost in the mountains; especially when it is foggy and rainy.
It was foggy, so it was hard to make out the figures of people walking.

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