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mischen in English:

1. commingle commingle

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2. mix mix

It is important for a nation to have an adequate mix of monetary and fiscal policies.
If you mix blue and red, the result is purple.
Machida is an interesting city that's a mix of the old and the new.
If you want to sound like a native speaker, it's easier if you choose one dialect and stick with it. Native speakers don't usually mix dialects in everyday speaking.
I eat a healthy mix of fresh vegetables and fruit.
To mix with
We mix with the good, not with the bad.
Students of English often mix up the words 'lie' and 'lay'.
George doesn't mix much; he likes to keep to himself.
Managing the assets structure consists of determining the mix and type of assets listed on the firm's balance sheet.
To mix is to combine or blend different things together.
There is a mix of nationalities in my English class.
The DJ mixed the songs to create a non-stop dance session with music from the eighties and nineties.
Definition to mix with people means to meet them socially and talk to them
I created my own mix of spices

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