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kämpfen in English:

1. to fight to fight

Don't try to fight your destiny.
Knights often had spears to fight.

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2. contend contend

His lawyers contend that he is telling the truth one of the groups contending for power
The defendant contended that he was driving within the speed limit.
he contends that the judge was wrong
You contend that creativity is as important as literacy
He had to contend against physical suffering.
The chemical industry has to contend with European climate policy.
... of change True liberals contend that societies can change...
Besides those serious problems, he had to contend with all sorts of people.
To contend in a joust, be it verbal, one must also behave in a chivalrous way.

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3. struggling struggling

She is struggling helplessly.
They are struggling for freedom.
I saw two men struggling for the knife.
Brokers struggling to make a profit don't always play by the book.
Legislators in the Diet are struggling to find a solution to the problem.
International traders are struggling just to get by.
It took some 150 years of struggling for women to gain the freedom they have today.
Scuff marks suggest that she was struggling.
I want us to do more to support people who are struggling to balance family and work.
It's the story of a struggling artist who marries a rich woman.
Japan is still struggling to emerge from recession.
The two candidates are struggling for mastery.
There is a rapid increase in shops struggling in the depression.
The horse does not just represent energy, high spirits, prosperity, development, but also stands for a national spirit of struggling on without stopping, and of striving on without giving up.

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4. battling battling

Ray and the teacher are battling for everyone's attention again.
Firefighters are battling to save the town from the forest fire coming towards it
Ursula and Chelsea are battling over the boy they both have a crush on. Judging from the blood and teeth everywhere, this seems to be more of a matter of power than love.
Mexico is experiencing unprecedented violence as drug cartels are battling over distribution routes.
Come on, son. Quit battling the forces of evil for ten minutes and come to dinner!
Battling Bowser for real will require all 120 stars.

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