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1. to stipulate

I will stipulate new terms in my new job contract.
Unless the Contract stipulates otherwise.
[verb] - FORMAL- to state exactly how something must be done

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2. fix

he works fixed hours
this television needs fixing
to be in a fix
to repair something; ustalać; to fasten something in a particular place; to prepare a drink or meal

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3. to establish

The international community must establish a suitable financial compensation scheme.
To be successful, you have to establish a good plan / I am going to establish a new world record for swimming / Disneyland was established in 1955
We established our company 5 years ago.
[verb] - to start an organization or company that will continue for a long time

4. specify

I did not specify a date my visit.
Remember to specify your size when ordering clothes. The contract clearly specifies who can operate the machinery.
To make a claim, you must specify the date when the article was lost.
We will specify the exact terms in the contract.
You need to specify who does what job in your department or conflicts will arise.

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