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ausgehen in English:

1. emanate emanate

she felt an undeniable charm emanating from him. the proposals emanated from a committee. he emanated a powerful brooding air.

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2. go out go out

Mark doesn't go out much.
Let's go out!
It's dangerous to go out after midnight.
go out with friends
Did you go out yesterday?
Let's go out, we can't watch movies every day!
Let's go out to a restaurant tonight.
1. The electricity went out last night. 2. Every weekend I go out with my friends.
There's no job for me in my country, it's time to go out.
go out on Friday night
I always go out with my best friends on Friday night.
Let's go out for a walk. / The light went out as we sat for dinner. / Tom and Mary have been going out for seven years.
Let's go out and have some fun!
Mark doesn't go out much. let's go out for a walk. The light went out as we sat for dinner.
We go out to the cinema every week.

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