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ausüben in English:

1. discharge discharge

What do they understand by full discharge of duties?
He received an honorable discharge from the army.
the discharge of a watery exudation dries up leaving the skin covered with crusts
I have to discharge my duty.
The factory discharged sewage straight into the river polluting it.
The crowd obstructed the police in the discharge of their duties.
a discharge can signify:
Patients were discharged from the hospital because the beds were needed by other people. More than half of all prisoners discharged are reconvicted within two years.
if a wound or body part discharges a substance such as pus (=infected liquid), the substance slowly comes out of it
You can't discharge me.
Agreement has been discharged
He was discharged from the hospital.
He discharged all his debts before he died.
The oil which discharged into the sea killed a lot of animals. 
The midwife will come and see you after your discharge.

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2. exercise exercise

Don't just read books. Go outside once in a while and get some exercise.
The reason Tom is fat is because he eats too much and doesn't get enough exercise.
We exercise.
Please exercise every caution against cowboy salesmen of water purifiers and fraudulent-test sales.
That exercise - backs together, link arms, one bends forwards while the other stretches their back - we did that a lot as children, didn't we?
In Japan, due partly to the fitness boom that began from around 2000, 'dumbbell training' also appeared as a way to exercise at home.
Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority.
Belinda tried strict diets, grueling exercise routines, and some sort of esoteric New Age detox, all amounting to nothing--she had curves, and that was that.
Advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate.
After business came to a halt, many bathhouses added new facilities, such as saunas and exercise equipment, in an effort to attract customers.
Swimming is my favourite form of exercise. Let's do some stretching exercises to start with.
My time for these exercise and reading was at night, after work or before it began in the morning, or on Sundays.
As for physical exercise, although I loathe most sports (I think they're really boring), I do like going to the gym to lift weights.
At this time of day, most customers are adults here to exercise, there aren't that many kids.