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aufmerksam in English:

1. attentively

The teacher listened attentively to my explanation.
They were listening really attentively.
to listen attentively to something
listen attentively, carefully
Therefore, if the agency puts forward a new guideline, we will study it very attentively.
She had listened, apparently attentively, to his preliminary discourse on Henry James
They listened attentively so as not to miss a single word.

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2. attentive

An attentive person notices the difference between things.
She is very attentive to her grandmother.
He was funny, attentive.
A good teacher is always attentive to their students' needs.
They were most attentive to his speech.
Her father wasn't a very attentive parent.
Be attentive and don't disturb your colleagues.
an attentive audience
never before had she had such an attentive audience / the hotel has a pleasant atmosphere and attentive service
Waiter was at all times polite and attentive.
The children were very attentive when the policeman came in to speak to their class about his job.
A child who always carefully listens to his mother's directions is an example of someone who is attentive.
Working with this family for so long, I know he has good, attentive parents.
Keep your brain attentive
The listeners stood in an attentive attitude.

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