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namísto in English:

1. instead of

instead of on paper
i will tear your eyes out and place them instead of mine.
instead of sitting, help me clean.
Add honey to my tea instead of sugar.
You can have a healthy snack instead of crisps.
She bough a new pair of shoes instead of a dress.
instead of nine-to-five job, you should choose flexible hours.
if you like sweets but you want to lose weight, why not eat honey instead of chocolate
The concert will take place at the theatre instead of the sports hall
I'm going swimming on Monday instead of Friday now
Excuse me, sir, you gave me 10 dollars instead of 20.
Count Dracula is a scary man who drinks human blood at breakfast time instead of coffee.
Let’s play cards instead of watching television
Now I can walk to work instead of going by car.
I mean, look: if you can show instead of just describing, that problem goes away.

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