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to let someone else have your position, power, or rights, especially unwillingly
No one wants to relinquish power once they have it.
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relinquish = give up
relinquish something to somebody, Stultz relinquished control to his subordinate.
to not do or have something pleasant or enjoyable
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to forgo
I had to forgo lunch.
to leave someone, especially when you should stay because they need you = to abandon
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to forsake - forsook - forsaken
children forsaken by their parents
to stop doing, using, or having something that you enjoy
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to forsake
She will never forsake her vegetarian principles.
embarrassed or ashamed because you have done something wrong or stupid
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She looked rather abashed.
to make someone nervous and confused by making them hurry or interrupting them
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to fluster, Don't fluster me, or I'll never be ready on time.
to make someone feel slightly confused, embarrassed, or worried
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to disconcert
a disconcerted look
confused and nervous
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Paul was looking flustered and embarrassed.
to make someone feel slightly uncomfortable, annoyed, or embarrassed
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to discomfit
He was discomfited by her silence.
zmieszanie, zbicie z tropu
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to make someone feel worried and no longer calm = disturb
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to discompose (frml)
calm, confident, and in control of your feelings, even in difficult or unexpected situations - used to show approval
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She's a confident, self-possessed public speaker.
to give up the position of being king or queen
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to abdicate
The king was forced to abdicate the throne.
if you renounce an official position, title, right etc, you publicly say that you will not keep it any more = give up
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to renounce, wyrzekać się
Edward renounced his claim to the French throne.

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