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to be behaving in a way that makes it seem as if you are going crazy
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be on the edge (informal)
nervous, especially because you are expecting something unpleasant to happen
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to be on egde
Paul felt on edge about meeting Lisa.
to tell people the truth about something, because you want to be sure that they understand what the truth really is:
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let's set/put the record straight
Sb’s testimony in sb’s trial for sth (the murder of sb)
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ON trial FOR something, being judged in a court of law for
Brady was on trial for assault.
a suck-up
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stop complaining, deal with a difficult situation
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Suck it up
Don’t be such a suck.
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Don’t be such a baby.
sb who believes everything
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to have power ... sb
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A ... of cold air
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bomb/shotgun/nuclear etc blast
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A bomb blast completely destroyed the building.
to spend a lot of money in a careless way, especially on one thing
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to blow a lot of money ON sth
a serious thing nobody expected
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a blow to me/ to my family –
to blow ... a candle on your birthday cake
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to blow out
if a tyre blows out
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it bursts
if you blow out your knee or another joint in your body, or if it blows out,
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you injure it badly
to explode; to destroy something, or to be destroyed, by an explosion
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to blow up
to fill something with air or gas
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blow something ↔ up
if something you have done or planned to do ... it suddenly goes wrong
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blows up in your face
One of his deals had just blown up in his face.
if bad weather ..., it suddenly arrives
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blows up
It looks as if there's a storm blowing up.
to be very easy
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to be a breeze
Don't think that learning Dutch will be a breeze.
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He distinctly remembered the day his father left.
very quickly and in a very short time
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a line where two pieces of cloth, leather etc have been stitched together
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to become fixed in your mind or memory so that you never forget
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to imprint, The sight of Joe's dead body was imprinted on his mind forever.
imprint something on your mind/memory/brain etc
to print or press the mark of an object on something
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to imprint, One snowy morning footprints and tyre marks were imprinted in the snow
imprint something with/on/in/onto something
food used to attract fish, animals, or birds so that you can catch them
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Bait, singular, U
The fish wouldn't take the bait.
to enjoy yourself and start to relax, especially after working very hard
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to let your hair down
if a story, experience etc makes your hair curl
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it is very surprising, frightening, or shocking
a very small amount or distance
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a hair‘s breadth
The bullet missed me by a hair's breadth.
the distance from one side of something to the other = width
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easily made angry
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to have a hair - trigger (temper)
his hair-trigger temperament

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