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to be used to help to pay for something
zostać przeznaczonym na coś, pójść na coś (np. pieniądze), składać się na
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go towards
The proceeds from the sale of the grounds will go towards the construction of a new stadium.
a mark given to students who produce work of an excellent standard (BrE)
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a set of exams in several subjects taken by students around the age of 18 or 19 in many different countries as a qualification for going to university
matura międzynarodowa
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the International Baccalaureate
to succeed in something but with a lot of difficulty
z trudem przebrnąć (np. przez egzamin)
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scrape through
He managed to scrape through his final exams.
the activity of dictating something for someone else to write down
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I'll ask my assistant to take dictation (= write down what I say).
a letter from a doctor to your employer that says that you are too ill to work
zwolnienie (z powodu choroby)
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sick note
22 million sick notes are requested in the UK each year.
to read out an official list of names (BrE)
sprawdzać obecność
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take the register
After the students were seated, the teacher called/took the register.
a room in a school that is for the use of the teachers when they are not teaching
pokój nauczycielski
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The government proposal to test 14-year-olds has been causing controversy in the staffroom.
to group and teach together school students with similar abilities who are approximately the same age
dzielić uczniów na grupy (ze względu na umiejętności)
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We start to stream the children in the third form.
to spend a (fixed) period of time as an apprentice
odbywać praktyki
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serve an apprenticeship
to get or produce something, especially information or a reaction
wydobyć, uzyskać
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Have you managed to elicit a response from them yet?
to allow someone to do what they want in a place
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let loose
You don't want to let Oliver loose in the kitchen.
unpleasant because it has no fresh air
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It's really hot and stuffy in here - let's open the window.
to be unable to decide about something
nie móc się zdecydować
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be in two minds about
I was in two minds whether or not to come this morning.

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