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to search with difficulty
szukać po omacku
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The sudden appearance of the new disease left scientists groping for a cure.
an attack
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The political candidate promised to launch an assault against poverty if she were elected.
uciążliwy, nużący
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Opp.: interesting
She was given tedious task of entering lists of numbers.
attractively unusual and old
staroświecki, osobliwy, urokliwy
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During our tour of Europe we passed through quaint villages.
a ship used in trade
statek handlowy
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merchant vessel
He travelled everywhere while working as a marine engineer on a merchant vessel.
to display a flag on a ship
być pod banderą
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bear the flag
Every ship on these waters has to bear the flag of its country of origin.
a signal for help
wezwanie pomocy
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distress call
The Titanic's distress call was sent too late for help to arrive on time.
not tied to anything, floating
dryfujący, znoszony przez prąd
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Four shipwreck victims were found adrift on a raft yesterday.
to set into water
spuścić na wodę
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We watched from the quayside as the ship was launched into the sea.
continuing for a long time
ciągły, długotrwały
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The 60s had an enduring influence on the British society.
sth that exists now because sth else happened in the past
pozostałość, spuścizna
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This polluted river is the legacy of the factories that used to remove their waste into it.
ordinary, usual
powszechny, pospolity
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Opp.: unusual, rare
Internet cafes are now commonplace in most cities.

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