Enfermedades MUF

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I have a headache
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Me duele la cabeza

I have a sore throat
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tengo un dolor de garganta

I think I have dislocated my shoulder
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Creo que he dislocado un hombro

I have a stomach ache
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Me duele la barriga

I have an upset stomach
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Tengo un malestar estomacal

I have diarrhoea
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Tengo diarrea

I feel unwell
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No me siento bien

I feel sick I may have to vomit
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Me siento enferma voy a tener que vomitar

to throw up or vomit
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a vomitar o vómito

to gargle with salt water
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para hacer gárgaras con agua salada

to put a plaster on a cut
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poner un yeso en una corte

a bandage in English
un vendaje

desmayarse / caer redondo

to be unconscious
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estar inconsciente

she has something stuck in her throat
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ella tiene algo atorado en la garganta

I need to take some paracetamol or aspirin
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Necesito tomar paracetamol o aspirina

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