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鼓励 in English:

1. to encourage to encourage

President George W. Bush worked to encourage closer ties with Poland.
to encourage somebody

English word "鼓励"(to encourage) occurs in sets:

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2. encouragement encouragement

Your words of encouragement meant a lot to me.
In spite of our encouragement, he decided to throw in the towel.
She didn't utter a single word of encouragement.
Instead of shouting at him you could say a word of encouragement from time to time.
This encouragement must come from the high authorities
Children need lots of encouragement from their parents.
"We needed you there to offer words of encouragement."
The family should be a place of relief, support and encouragement for its members
Give your child lots of encouragement.
Her whispered words of encouragement will never comfort me.
In this situation support and encouragement from the family turns out to be an important social resource.
Some companies use bonuses as an encouragement to their staff to work harder.
Without your encouragement, I should have given up the plan.
Your encouragement will draw her out.