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骗局 in English:

1. scam

That scam cost me a lot of money.
an insurance scam
Don't you scam around, guys. This job must be done by tomorrow.
Emails sent by financial institutions are most often scam, they would never contact you via email.
a big marketing scam to sell more
The offer of a "free" vacation to Florida sounds like a scam to me.
I tried to scam IRS and that's why I'm up the river now.
Mark was trying to scam Joan, but she wasn't interested.
I was a little distracted by Jack who was scamming with Joan on the back seat.
My boss is a noid. He thinks that everybody tries to scam him.
Have you heard about the latest scam?
But this is without doubt a scam which requires a European response
The young person was reported to have scammed pensioners from their savings.
Definition a scam is a dishonest and illegal way of getting money from people by cheating them
No scam is too outrageous.