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邋遢 in English:

1. Sloppy

Tom is a sloppy painter.
She always criticises her husband for being sloppy.
Paul's so sloppy - he always spills something on the floor.
I couldn't read the note because of your sloppy handwriting.
An example of illegible is a scribbled note by a sloppy young child.
His written reports are incredibly sloppy
He often sent her long and slightly sloppy letters.
Kevin's handwriting is very sloppy. Sometimes it's hard to read what he's written.
If I have to be honest, you did a sloppy job Jim.
He said he dashed this proposal off in one sitting. It's pretty sloppy.
Whether it's national economics, family economics, or personal economics, it's not something where sloppy accounting is good enough.
This year's freshly inducted employees are, to a man, lacking in concentration, and their sloppy work leaves me speechless.
Edit your work better before you submit it, it's sloppy.