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程序 in English:

1. Program

British English: programme
I gave it a try figuring that anything is worth a try. But putting together a program like this is something I'm no match for.
With the colour key program system, all colours are divided into two palettes, the "cool palette" and the "warm palette".
The telethon is a French TV program organized every year to collect funds in order to finance medical research.
I was given a scare by a doctor I interviewed for the TV program who warned me not to rest easy just because I had no allergic symptoms at the moment.
Medicaid, a program originally created to provide medical care for poverty-level women and children, today spends almost a third of its budget on elderly people.
For a display where the data items increase and decrease I think you are best making use of a spreadsheet program, not Access.
Some programmers seem to forget that writing good documentation is as important, if not more important, as writing a good program.
Creationists were in my prayers today when I saw a program about a German vineyard near Lake Constance. They said the soil was very rich, created by a volcano 15 million years ago.
I like to use frameworks when I program because they save me time on repetitive tasks.
Open an image and select an image layout. Click "Open" for opening an image. Click "Quit" for quitting the program. "Image Layout" feature allows you to view in any layout.
Download Shtooka Recorder and get familiar with it. You will be using it to record the sentences. It's a very useful program.
Image Viewer is an image viewing software. This software is a very small program. This software has basic functions only. This is translatable by Tatoeba Project users.
It's incredible that you could write such a well-designed program after just picking up programming by imitation.
Almost all implementations of virtual memory divide the virtual address space of an application program into pages; a page is a block of contiguous virtual memory addresses.

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2. procedure

You will save time if you adopt this new procedure.
The procedure must be executed correctly and completely.
Everyone must follow the procedure.
What's the procedure?
Despite criticism, the award procedure will not change.
There's a lot of red tape involved in this procedure.
If everyone could pay close attention, please. I will now auscultate the patient. Make sure to note the proper procedure because you all will be practicing this tomorrow.
Government wants to change procedure of application to universities.
The procedure of application is described in the link below.
Those ticket holders who followed the proper procedure will receive a full refund.
We can't omit it, it's a standard procedure.
Definition a procedure is a set of actions that you regularly do in the same way in order to do something correctly
I shall furnish you with details and procedures preceding the transfer.
The definition of procedure is order of the steps to be taken to make something happen, or how something is done.
There must be a conventional procedure having a conventional effect.

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