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新潮 in English:

1. Trendy Trendy

She always looks really trendy.
The internet makes it so easy to find trendy clothes! I really like to see what celebrities are wearing.
He never wears anything bold or trendy. (On nigdy nie ubiera się w nic śmiałego albo modnego.)
a trendy bar
Red and green are very trendy this season.
Carnaby Street is known for its trendy boutiques.
The colour grey is very trendy this year. Everyone’s wearing it.
She's very trendy. She always wears the latest fashions
Kate looks so trendy in this dress.
I didn't recognise Katrina when I saw her in her new trendy clothes.
It's still trendy.
The new trendy way to drink vodka is to pour it directly into your eye socket. However, doing so could seriously damage your vision.