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意大利 in English:

1. Italy Italy

France borders Italy.
Italy, Romania, Portugal, and Greece joined the Allies.
Now that you are in Italy, you must absolutely see Naples.
They were taking care of a girl from India and a boy from Italy.
Switzerland is situated between France, Italy, Austria and Germany.
Made in Italy, these jeans were very expensive.
There are a lot of old cities in Italy. Rome and Venice, for example.
Boiling lobsters is illegal in the town of Reggio Emilia, Italy.
On his tour of Italy, he visited several cities which are famous for their scenic beauty, for instance, Naples and Florence.
Silvio Berlusconi is an Italian politician, the current Prime Minister of Italy, as well as a successful entrepreneur.
In Italy, each village holds a festival once a year.
The results were as follows: Japan 1st; Spain 2nd; Italy 3rd.
In Italy, during summer, it doesn't get dark until about nine o'clock.
During the final against Italy, Zidane received a red card for head-butting Materazzi.
Is it mere coincidence that "banality", when anagrammed, reads "Ban Italy"?

English word "意大利"(Italy) occurs in sets:

Countries - 国家

2. Italian Italian

Some Italian fashion designers are saying that white bathing suits will catch on this year.
Over the last month, I have eaten Chinese, French, Italian, Greek, Hungarian and Mexican food.
I'm Italian.
The Italian paid for his coffee in Germany with Greek euro coins.
Such languages as French, Italian and Spanish come from Latin.
Silvio Berlusconi is an Italian politician, the current Prime Minister of Italy, as well as a successful entrepreneur.
I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse.
I would prefer to have a list of Italian words which aren't in the corpus.
The former Italian currency was the lira and its symbol was "₤". It's not related to the Turkish lira.
As more time passed, these Creoles became separate languages: Spanish, French, Italian, etc.
I am looking for an Italian person so as to do an Italian-Spanish exchange.
Pasta is called pasta because it's the Italian word for "dough" from which it is made.
I understand Italian perfectly, she boasted while choosing a dish from the menu, but when the food was served, it was not at all what she expected.
The calzone is a pizza-like turnover, filled with tomatoes and cheese, whose name comes from an Italian word for "pants."
How many women do you know that are managers with high levels of responsibility in Italian companies, public or private?