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只要 in English:

1. As long as

You can borrow my camera as long as you are careful with it.
I will help you as long as you want it.
27 times as long as all humans
I'll stay with you as long as it's necessary.
- Beats living in fear. - Me, too, as long as Charlie goes first.
You can stay, as long as you don't mind sleeping on the sofa.
as long as it stops raining
I'll stay as long as you need me. -diği,-dığı sürece,-dikçe,-dıkça
She will come as long as she finishes at the office.
You can go out, as long as you do your homework first.
I still try to dance when I hear a salsa tune, as long as nobody
I will pay for drinks as long as I can bring my friend with me.
This means that an operator will never feel happy as long as there is risk.
He may borrow this book as long as he brings it back by Friday.
as long as you return it by the end of the day

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