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厨师 in English:

1. chef chef

He finished a chef school in France.
The chef came from the back of the restaurant
Who's your favorite TV chef?
Our chef is very busy today.
Please tell the chef it was delicious.
My brother is training as a chef.
She's a qualified chef.
It doesn't taste all that great for all the effort and technique the chef put into it.
A chef cooks food
The owner of the restaurant went to the kitchen to speak with the chef.
The chef has prepared a variety of dishes.
The chef is Chilean but I’ve taught him to make some English dishes.
I have worked as a chef in the restaurant for seven years, so I have a lot of experience.
That restaurant has a fantastic chef!
In some cultures, a resounding belch after a meal is considered a compliment to the chef.

English word "厨师"(chef) occurs in sets:

At the restaurant - 在餐馆

2. cook cook

Cook the rice.
Captain Cook thanked the natives for their hospitality.
A good cook doesn't throw out yesterday's soup.
The only difference between a bad cook and a poisoner is the intent.
I'm cooking.
The cook drew approving comments from across the table.
Lidia, can you cook some food to Magdalena, Ania, Piotr and Lech?
Well, I clean the rooms, do the laundry, or cook an elaborate supper.
Last night I was too tired to cook a proper meal, so I just ate instant noodles.
First of all, we must dismiss the cook.
From childhood I dreamt of being a pastry cook.
After, cook it on a low flame for 30 minutes and you're done.
First, catch your hare, then cook him.
Although my mother is an amateur cook, she cooks like a professional chef.
Nigella Lawson is one of the most famous cooks.

English word "厨师"(cook) occurs in sets:

Professions - 职业