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位于 in English:

1. located

The branch offices of the bank are located all over Japan.
Where's the zoo located?
This hotel is conveniently located in terms of public transportation.
Our house is conveniently located.
Damascus is located in Syria.
Seahenge is a Bronze Age monument located near Holme-next-the-Sea in Norfolk.
Yokohama is located in the eastern part of Kanagawa prefecture, of which it is the capital. The prefecture is situated in the southern part of the Kanto region.
Tadami is in Minamiaizu in Fukushima; cut off by steep mountains and located on the prefecture border with Niigata.
He located the computer, poured in the sample and deposited the $10.00.
The tropical rainforests, located in a narrow region near the equator, are disappearing so fast that by the year 2000 eighty percent of them may be gone.
The Miami Heat is a pro basketball team part of the NBA and located in Miami.
Mexico City, the most populated city in the world, is located in Mexico.
Evening come, since you were slightly tired, you wished to sit in front of a new Café located on the corner of a new boulevard, still full of gravel and already showing its unfinished splendors.
The Takamatuzuka burial mound is located in Nara prefecture, Asukamura.
They are generally located in Switzerland, France, and in Belgium, as well.

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