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从而 in English:

1. thereby

He is usually straightforward and sincere and thereby gains the confidence of those who meet him.
He left at ten, thereby avoiding the traffic.
and question what they have learned earlier and thereby, form conclusions on what they learn
In his essay "Esperanto: European or Asiatic language" Claude Piron has shown the similarities between Esperanto and Chinese, thereby putting to rest the notion that Esperanto is purely eurocentric.
Dima?! Al-Sayib was so shocked that he dropped his Fanta on his computer, thereby ruining his noob hunt. "Dima?! Is that really you?!"
Christopher Columbus once used the same joke 256 times in one day... thereby causing his entire crew to die of laughter.
Everyone can make a difference in their own lives and thereby collectively make the world a better place for themselves and others around them.
To raise one's name in later generations and thereby glorify one's parents, this is the greatest expression of filial piety.
It allows transactions to have public "witnesses," thereby making a cyberattack more difficult.
A healthy diet strengthens the heart, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack.
Terms and conditions provided thereby.
A resolution was passed thereby appointing Mr Smith as a Board Member.
They had ​failed to ​agree to a ​settlement thereby ​throwing 250 ​people out of ​work.
I replaced all the bulbs with energy-saving bulbs, thereby saving on my electricity bills.