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1. practical

It's not practical.
A building with high ceilings and huge rooms may be less practical than the colorless block of offices that takes its place, but it often fits in well with its surroundings.
Practical utility and artistic beauty combine to make a comfortable house to live in.
New truth and knowledge always elevate human life and most usually find practical application.
Well, for the practical problem, in the midst of those rumours flying around I'm surprised they've been able to keep that club running.
Consider what effects, that might conceivably have practical bearings, we conceive the object of our conception to have. Then, our conception of these effects is the whole of our conception of the object.
Russell was a brilliant philosopher, but even the simplest practical task was quite beyond him.
On the practical side, the application of Emmet's theory has produced several outstanding designs.
MPEC-4 AVC recording practical test: It was always easy to use, now the picture and sound quality is high too.
He makes believe that he is a practical statesman, but in really he is a cunning politician.
I’m not very good at practical tasks. I’m much better with my mind.
Banning all vehicles from the citY centre is a lovely idea but' oon't think it's practical at all
While a brain operation is being performed, both doctors and nurses must handle the patient with kid gloves and yet with all speed practical.
Lack of originality, everywhere, all over the world, from time immemorial, has always been considered the foremost quality and the recommendation of the active, efficient and practical man...
The Koran, far from being inimitable, is a literary work of inferior quality, as it is neither clear, nor understandable, nor does it possess any practical value and is certainly not a revealed book.

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2. fact

He denied that fact.
Was he, in fact, guilty of wrongdoing?
A good theory is characterized by the fact that it makes a number of predictions that could in principle be disproved or falsified by observation.
We've had no rain for ages; in fact, not since the beginning of April.
Officially it is his responsibility, but in fact his secretary does all the work.
It was very expensive; in fact, I paid 100 dollars.
It is, I think, an indisputable fact that Americans are, as Americans, the most self-conscious people in the world, and the most addicted to the belief that the other nations of the earth are in a conspiracy to undervalue them.
There are lots of theories about the origins of language, but, in fact, no one really knows.
In fact, love is the only genuinely precious thing in life; it's also the only thing worthy of pursuit.
The only metal that a metal detector can detect is the metal in another metal detector. That fact was instrumental in my parents' meeting.
When Chokichi thought listlessly about this winter, and the similar winter before and the one before that, he vividly experienced the fact that as people grow older, they gradually lose their happiness.
They all get lumped together as English texts. But in fact these books are extremely varied and wide-ranging.
It can be said, in fact, that research, by exploring the greatest and the smallest, contributes to the glory of God which is reflected in every part of the universe.
A polite way to reveal knowledge of a fact without telling the source of the information is to say, "a little bird told me".
In fact, an artist lacking in confidence and fortitude would lose focus after 2 or 3 hours.

3. actual

That is an actual fact.
The actual cost was higher than the estimate.
Are you talking about actual danger?
Those were his actual words.
Preventive measures are much more effective than the actual treatment.
He has retired, but he is still an actual leader.
Can you imagine how many Lincoln Logs it would take to build an actual shelter?
In particular, it is customary for actual examples of use of the harmonic mean to generally cover "average speed," and explain no further than that.
Even after being approved, difficulties might arise in the actual construction of the line.
What are your actual reasons?
Film Shakespeare has got me intrested in the actual Shakespeare itself.
His actual intention was to call her.
Getting your thoughts organized beforehand makes writing the actual essay much quicker and easier, since you know what direction you're going in.
The image they create in our mind does not necessarily correspond with the actual colour.
The wedding preparations take weeks but the actual ceremony takes less than an hour.

4. reality

virtual reality (VR)
Although many pay lip service to the idea of affirmative action, in reality, very few minorities get hired.
People that have experienced so-called 'lucid dreams' often describe them as being 'more real than reality'. They also describe reality after waking up from a 'lucid dream' to be like a 'whimsical dream'.
Because it is politics that has caused this war, making the war our everyday reality.
We use dashed lines for the model, and continuous lines for the reality.
When he claims to desire eternal life, in reality man merely wishes to avoid a premature, violent or gruesome death.
Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly. It is the one thing we are interested in here.
It's not clear right now whether time travel is really something that exists in reality but its possibility has been proven by theoretical physics.
Even if lies and white lies are a spontaneous reaction of our brain, they will never be the truth, the reality of things, the life.
Fiction novels sell better than reality. In fact, reality doesn't sell at all.
Elementary and primary school children don't yet know good from evil or reality from fiction.
With 19 cases of death forming over 20% of the whole, the grave reality of overwork-deaths has been thrown into relief.
Parents look to the new generation as a generation that is far from reality and busy running after unrealistic dreams.

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