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thông báo in English:

1. inform inform

If you see a suspicious person, please inform the police.
Inform your father of my arrival.
This is to inform you of my address change. Please update your mailing list.
Did you inform the post office of the change of your address?
Please inform me when to start.
I have come so that you can inform me.
She had the kindness to inform us.
The radio didn't inform about the accident.
The management wishes to inform guests that the television has been fitted with an anti-theft device.
With regard to our appointment on February 27, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to keep it because my business trip schedule has been changed.
We are writing to inform you that Mr Koichi Ohara has been appointed as Manager of the Technical Department in succession to Mr Taro Iida.
Whom should I inform?
Whether he comes or not, either way I will inform you.
If he calls me again, I shall inform the police. [+ (that)] He informed us that we would have to leave.
We decided not to inform everybody as some information was confidential.

English word "thông báo"(inform) occurs in sets:

bài học của tôi
bài học của tôi

2. notice notice

Notice the hands of the people you meet and you will be surprised to see how different and how interesting they are.
notice period
Did you possibly not notice until just now? "Er, well ... it was just so beyond my imagination that ..."
There were white lines around it, and it had a notice saying, "Reserved for Head of College."
Having idled jobless for a while I wavered. I'd rushed into handing in my notice but maybe I should have endured it and kept going...
A woman is capable of failing to notice the hundred things that you've done her, and to address only the one that you haven't.
And if your brother turned up at the party without notice tomorrow? "I would be very happy that he came."
We'd probably be best off beating them to the punch before they notice that fact.
I glare resentfully at the crimson letter, is this the infamous red-paper draft notice?
After a while Mark noticed a pushchair in a distance of a few metres and we were convinced that we had killed a baby.
The lawn always looked better on Tuesdays, but I began to notice he wasn't getting as close to the trees as he used to.
1. Swedish legislation allows companies to serve notice of meetings electronically. 2. "Didn't you see the notice?" 3. He took no notice of me.
your notice is a formal statement telling your employer that you are going to leave your job
But notice that China represents 35% of worldwide sales.
A copy of notice on granting a prize or a distinction shall be put in employee’s personal file.

3. announce announce

The results were announced.
announce a decision
1. And so, I am proud to announce the winner of this year's Sheridan Scholarship... / 2. It's time to announce the winners of tonight's auction. / 3. Father, I would like to announce some good news. / 4. Mr. Myerson just announced you got the promotion.
He announce a new research programie in the Nort Pole.
The company has announced plans to open six new stores. [+ (that)] Halfway through dinner, he announced that he was going out.
At the age of 9 she calmly announced that she wanted to be a billionaire.
Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century begins it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols.
We are pleased to announce you that you have received the Nobel Peace Prize.
Weakness brought on by a number of respiratory ailments had forced him just last week to announce that he was giving up his conducting career.
About the same time as he entered the classroom and arrived at his seat, the chime to announce class rings across the school.
We, ACME Ltd., hereby announce that we will resist with all our strength this hostile takeover.
They haven't formally announced their engagement yet. The company has announced plans to open six new stores.
They announced his death in a newspaper. The President announced war.
The PM has announced that Poland is a safe country.
Researchers announce method of circumventing Windows Vista security features.