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tàn phá in English:

1. p

He is supposed to come here at 9 p. m.
Prove that P is a poset.
Caffeine is a purinergic antagonist that competitively inhibits adenosine at the sites of P1 receptors.
It was a parade with a capital P.
The Esperanto alphabet has 28 letters: a, b, c, ĉ, d, e, f, g, ĝ, h, ĥ, i, j, ĵ, k, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, ŝ, t, u, ŭ, v, z.
They are putting P on at that theater.
P. S. I love you.
The crux of his argument can be found on p. 56.
Thus, p is the case if and only if q is the case.
It's a good idea to stop using direct-links to files. Use a trick like starting the URL with double-width h t t p or something.