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quyến rũ in English:

1. to seduce

Is he trying to seduce my mother?
He ​felt that she was ​trying to seduce him.
Isn't it possible that you were trying to seduce him?
Are you trying to seduce her?

English word "quyến rũ"(to seduce) occurs in sets:

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2. glamour

Most other cities cannot rival Hollywood for glamour.
But I think the idea of glamour is coming back. Men going off to war had a sort of glamour to them. The little white house had its own kind of glamour. I saw only what their glamour tried to show me.
glamour model
hopeful young actors and actresses dazzled by the glamour of Hollywood
The glamour of a professional sporting career is something that is hard to give up.
Her long dark hair lent her a certain glamour.