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phát hiện in English:

1. discovery

That discovery was quite accidental.
Most scientific breakthroughs are nothing else than the discovery of the obvious.
Chance led to the discovery of the new island.
scientific discovery
As scientists keep insisting, there is neither good nor bad in any scientific discovery.
Your gift was like discovery of an oasis in the midst of a desert.
The work of art that says something confronts us itself. That is, it expresses something in such a way that what is said is like a discovery, a disclosure of something previously concealed.
The biologist is proud of his historic discovery.
The laboratory acquired a fabulous reputation for its historic discovery.
The discovery of a new type of meal contributes more to humankind than the discovery of a new star.
Columbus's Law of Discovery states: If you discovered something BEFORE Christopher Columbus, then what you discovered does not exist.
"In my eyes, at least, it was a sensational discovery that there were no protests from the Americans. "
When officicial examined Boris’s sword, they made a shocking discovery.
I think the discovery of different forms of life in space would be exciting.
The discovery will have a momentous effect on the treatment of cancer.

2. detect

I detected her hesitance.
The police can detect people who drive dangerously by reading their number plates on surveillance cameras.
He detected some possible problems.
It's the first prison in the world to be using a drone-detecting fence.
to detect a problem with sth I could detect an undercurrent of resentment.
metal detector
Yesterday my smoke sensor detected a smoke.
The security system detected that a person broke into the house and the alarm went off.
The change was too small for him to detect.
The computer can detect 200 types of error.
The only metal that a metal detector can detect is the metal in another metal detector. That fact was instrumental in my parents' meeting.