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liên quan đến in English:

1. concerning

We have just received an inquiry from Kansas concerning your brother.
John testified concerning him.
Concerning this matter... I really don’t know.
If you have any opinions concerning traffic calming devices (humps, curb extensions, etc.) please write them.
Few historical debates have inflamed passions as much as the debate concerning Slavisation of Greece between the 7th and 9th centuries.
For that reason Coco was, to me, 'an older sister I can play with' and I thought of her only as one member of the family not as someone I should question my father concerning her identity.
Concerning this issue, I feel that the trash media only report biased information.
His words gave rise to doubts concerning his true intentions.
The Recruit scandal is a corruption scandal concerning public officials and politicians who accepted as bribes undisclosed shares from the RecruitCoscom company. The shares had been rising steadily.
No speculation has taken place concerning the motives.
The important point concerning the complementary distribution is to specify the environment where the individual sounds occur.
The Japanese Dentists Association affair is an incident concerning secret donations from the Japanese Dentists Association to Diet members belonging to the LDP.
I have received several letters concerning the proposal for a new road in the area.
I've had a letter from the company concerning my claim. We've received many calls concerning the incident.
A letter concerning your application has been mailed to you.

2. involve

What does it involve?
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. To involve means to connect.
To involve means to connect. When you get involved in the Spanish Club, you attend meetings and events.
The sentence can generally involve a decree of imprisonment, a fine and/or other punishments against a defendant convicted of a crime
Service industries include communication, transportation, distribution, finance and a host of other areas which do not involve production of goods.
Prices and length of study vary according to the speciality but all involve intensive home study as well as college-based tuition.
/inwolw/ * what exactly does the job involve? (+ Ing .. My course involves doing a lot of research )
They execute endless practice runs and then review their in‐flight decisions, attempting to hone their minds to select the best approach to any given scenario, particularly those that involve the use of deadly force.
Only a small number of players seem to have been involved.
a person who makes money by starting their own business that typically involves some financial risk
My work involves: human contact / team work / long hours / dealing with customers / travelling a lot/ solving problems
He believed that some kind of supernatural forces were involved in his healing.
When you are involved in an argument and both you and the other person know (or rather believe) you are right, do you insist on the other person admitting they are wrong, or do you just let the matter drop for the sake of peace and quiet.
The trips often involve a lot of walking.; an event involving hundreds of people; I prefer teaching methods that actively involve students in learning.
If a situation or activity involves something, that thing is a necessary part of it.; to affect or include someone or something in an activity; to make someone be part of an activity or process

3. relating to

There are no available data relating to negative impact of milk)

4. with respect to

with respect to rights
The location of the center of gravity with respect to the center of lift determines the longitudinal stability of an airplane.
We personally visited and spoke with many of the key players with respect to U.S. public lands, such as recreational park users, ranchers, hunters, Native Americans and the mining industry, for example.

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