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làm phiền in English:

1. annoy

He made mistakes on purpose to annoy me.
stop annoying me!
Are there any other things people do with their phones that annoy you.
Those impossible suggestions just annoy me.
Muiriel likes to annoy me lately.
She's always saying things that annoy me
The cat scratches people if they annoy it.
Her talk of claws which so annoyed me should have made me feel sorry for her.
other times it will simply annoy
Jane wouldn’t stop complaining and it was beginning to annoy me.
It annoys me when other people smoke.
I am always leaving my mobile phone at work. It's very annoying.
Tina really annoyed me in the ​meeting this ​morning.
She can be very annoying
I didn't say a word for fear I should annoy him.

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2. to bother

Sorry to bother you but... not bother yourself
I hate to bother you.

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