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hàng hóa in English:

1. merchandise merchandise

We sold all the merchandise.
In our shop we make sure the merchandise is of high quality and the prices are low
A range of official Disney merchandise was on sale.
The merchandise we sell is of the best quality.
The band sells a lot of merchandise at their concerts.
Please use our toll-free number for calls regarding merchandise.
Shopping by mail through catalogs gives people a wide choice of merchandise.
The supermarket has a large stock of merchandise.
Place this merchandise slip into the time stamp, and the date and time will be impressed.
Carrefour has a good merchandise management system.
Despite a large surplus in merchandise trade, the current account surplus is not so big due to a deficit in invisible trade.
Shoppers complained about poor quality merchandise and high prices. Japan exported $117 billion in merchandise to the US in 1999.
The store is trying to get rid of old merchandise by taking 50% off its price.
I always stopped to see their merchandise through the window.
merchandise catalog

English word "hàng hóa"(merchandise) occurs in sets:

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2. goods goods

Do not sign a delivery receipt unless it accurately lists the goods received.
A buyers' market is a market in which goods are plentiful, buyers have a wide range of choices, and prices are low.
flow of goods
And not only that, the goods in the company shop were usually more expensive than elsewhere.
Service industries include communication, transportation, distribution, finance and a host of other areas which do not involve production of goods.
Never mind that. After all up till now he's stuffed himself on huge profit selling high brand-name goods of no real worth. From now on he can just try his best at honest trade.
Conspicuous consumption of valuable goods is a means of reputability to the gentleman of leisure.
As your goods for which you are charging us were imperfect, we will not pay this account.
Taking advantage of the popular boom in Korean drama, workers selling Korean goods have increased.
Ms. Mizuta likes that "Buska" character so much that last time she happened by a store that had Buska goods, she homed in on them and bought one on the spot.
Goods are the great travelers over the earth's surface, far more than humans, which means that hardly an inhabited spot on the globe is untouched by trade.
Japanese consumers are watching closely the U.S. government's efforts to make Japan dismantle various restrictions on imports of foreign goods into the country.
Credit is an amount or limit to the extent of which a person may receive goods or money for payment in the future.
Our life is like a notebook of which pages are covered with all the moments, both the goods and bads, the ups and downs.