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taksi in English:

1. taxi taxi

No taxi stopped.
The taxi I took was very old and small.
Thanks to the taxi driver, we had a very wonderful time in London.
We might as well walk home as try to catch a taxi here.
The taxi collided head-on with a dumpster truck and was badly crushed.
It's more economical to go by bus instead of taking a taxi.
What percentage of all taxi drivers make unscrupulous detours, do you think?
During the rush hours we find it difficult to get a taxi around here.
Not long after I joined the queue, a man approached and asked if I wanted a taxi.
When you travel abroad, you need change in the currency of the country you are visiting to pay for a taxi, a cup of coffee or a tip.
New York City is famous for yellow taxis.
They said something to the effect of ‘I’m going in the same direction so, I’ll call a taxi and then why don’t you ride with me?’
On his arrival at the station, he called a taxi.
If you want the taxi driver to have a tip, hand him too much money and say, "Keep the change."
Kimura is a Tokyo university graduate who became a taxi driver. According to some people's standards, he might be considered a failure, but I think it's fine as long as he likes driving.

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