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ученый in English:

1. scientist scientist

Tom is a scientist.
The scientist explained the strange phenomena in the light of recent scientific knowledge.
Around his facts the scientist weaves a logical pattern or theory which gives the facts meaning, order, and significance.
A scientist had to know how to ask the correct question and to state it so clearly that the answer would be, in effect, a definite yes or no, not "maybe".
It is practically unthinkable that a scientist of his stature would have made such an elementary mistake.
The scientist is famous not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.
The scientist maintained that the theory should be tested through experiments.
One American scientist, William Keeton, used a very interesting experiment to solve this mystery.
Albert Einstein was the best scientist on the world🔬🔎💦🔥💫💥
Recent research has led many scientists to believe that the ability recognise whether or not someone is telling the truth or ia about to break bad news has more to do with science than a magical sixt sense.
He said that I would present my product to many scientists from all European countries
A lady, whose husband is a famous scientist, came over from the other side.
The scientist found that rats treated with the chemical lost on average 30% of their weight.
Scientific research is not a mechanical routine, but a continuing struggle on the part of the scientist.
The scientist has a love of facts, even isolated facts, similar to the poet's love of words.

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2. scholar scholar

He has some grave defects, but I think he is a great scholar all the same.
He capitalized on every opportunity to learn from the great scholar.
What a good scholar the author must be to write such a splendid book!
Taro passes for a scholar.
The speech of the scholar is well worth listening to.
He became a brilliant scholar but only at the expense of his health.
A scholar made an excellent speech about human rights.
The scholar regards so-called compulsory education as useless.
I read a lot of books in my youth; I am a scholar in my own way.
The eloquent scholar readily participated in the debate.
He was greatly influenced by a number of books on literature by the scholar.
The scholar spent what little money he had on books.
Like the great scholar that he was, he answered the question easily.
Is he the man painted by the newspapers as an up-and-coming scholar?
Dr. Kimura gave me your name as the leading scholar in this field.

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