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revizuire in English:

1. revision revision

I need to do a revision before the exam tomorrow
This matter requires a revision of our financial policy.
You have to make regular revisions.
The revision of this dictionary took six years.
He advocates a revision of the rules.
On Friday we had a big revision at school.
What’s the point of revision? The point of revision is to make sure you that understand work you've previously studied.
Let's have a short revision.
I've got to do lots of revision this weekend.
this changes and revisions will bring many benefis
This revision of Darwin's ideas came under fire from academic positions.
Date of last revision of this page: 2010-11-03
Branching and merging are two basic operations of revision control.
I wish all those an unhurried night who want a revision of the existing copyright laws, but actually all the others too.