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1. yield yield

Stock investments do not always yield profit.
I'll stand up for what I believe in and won't yield to any threats.
it yields results
I yield to no one in abhorrence of violence.
How much wheat does each field yield?
The company shares give a high yield.
It is highly probable that the deletion of element C will still yield the same result.
When in the barn the heating fails, cubic shape the milk yield takes.
the yield in proficiency
an ​attempt to yield ​increased ​profits. Yields on ​gas and ​electricity ​shares are ​consistently high. The ​investigation yielded some ​unexpected ​results.
1. The investigation yielded some unexpected results. Favourable weather yielded a good crop.
3. His legs began to yield under the sheer weight of his body.
Farmers are the primary customers, as they can use the drone to optimize their agricultural practices and increase their yields.
She is stubborn, she never yields. The experiment yielded an answer the scientists have been looking for.
I yielded the right-of-way to the other driver. / to yield to demands / to yield to temptation / to yield to the advice

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2. performance performance

Even if the performance is good, I still say we drop the project.
I get really bad performance anxiety before I give a speech.
Would you like to see a live performance of a play with me Saturday?
performance review
There was nothing wrong with their ability, it was just that the expense for each unit was so vast that the cost performance was bad.
He organized his overcrowded schedule and managed to come to see my performance.
A musician friend of mine gave an impromptu performance of a piece he had just finished composing.
I absolutely love going to concerts not just because I get a chance to meet the musician or singer but because of the wondrous feeling of a live performance.
The power of doing anything with quickness is always prized much by the possessor, and often without any attention to the imperfection of the performance.
Mr Pryor collapsed with a subarachnoid haemorrhage when rehearsing for a performance in Paris. He was taken to local hospital but passed away at 4:23 pm.
The high performance and the elegant design of this model have combined to give it a high reputation.
A critic once said that if you saw my ballet paintings, you didn't have to go to a live performance.
However, we must make proper use of this agreement and constantly assess its performance.
Working together in a team and across departments is a decisive factor in improving company performance.
Dell’s performance is truly breathtaking: its factories construct 80000 machines per day and it can operate without warehouses

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3. efficiency efficiency

The Director's appraisal of our efficiency was positive overall.
Office managers expect accuracy, efficiency, and dedication.
Charles Moore created Forth in an attempt to increase programmer productivity without sacrificing machine efficiency.
That makes for efficiency.
efficiency = performance results
Everyone strives for efficiency but few seem to attain it.
Efficiency is the dominant idea in business.
Our firm is a giant one, and there are some rules and regulations, which should be revised or rescinded to reduce red tape and increase efficiency.
Don't confuse "efficacy" with "efficiency".
The efficiency of Kemil's team is not the best.
she was at the sports center where the athlete checked her efficiency.
I don't mention the high energy efficiency of these LED light bulbs.
Or busied herself in her garden, cutting things down with frightening efficiency.
It seems that the efficiency of controls could be improved in certain areas.
Efficiency is defined as the ability to produce something with a minimum amount of effort. An example of efficiency is a reduction in the number of workers needed to make a car.

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4. productivity productivity

The productivity of the plant dropped by 20%.
Charles Moore created Forth in an attempt to increase programmer productivity without sacrificing machine efficiency.
We'll employ a new tool to increase productivity.
How do you measure the productivity of your employees?
raise productivity
Definition productivity is the rate at which goods are produced or work is done, measured by calculating how much time is taken for different tasks and how much money it costs
The key to reaching high levels of performance and productivity.
The secret to productivity in so many fields -- and in origami -- is letting dead people do your work for you.
Recent overseas transfers show that productivity improvements in Japanese manufacturing industry have almost reached their limit.
The president instructed the employees to improve their productivity.
Plant growth and productivity react sharply to a complex combination of temperature and moisture.
Productivity has fallen. Accordingly, workers' bonuses will be reduced.
The best way for adjusting the gap between the internal and the external price and securing economic growth is to promote the non-manufacturing industry's productivity by aggressive investing in facilities.

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5. yielding yielding

A yielding person can change the way they normally behave or deal with situations when it is helpful or necessary
Yielding is sometimes the best way of succeeding.
I've heard barley is yielding fruit in Sisku's field.

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6. capacity capacity

Most people don't even scratch the surface of the human mind's capacity for memorization.
tank capacity
I thought that if we lined up benches in the garden as well, we could achieve quite a seating capacity.
The economic strength of a country lies not alone in its ability to produce, but also in its capacity to consume.
To calculate the capacity, multiply the length by the width by the depth.
To his valour he added a most exquisite genius and understanding, grandeur of mind, and a capacity equally turned for military or civil affairs.
Young people and migrant workers are the bulk of rural Internet users; in terms of online music, online games, online film and television, and the Internet's capacity for entertainment, rural Internet users are equivalent to urban ones.
I can’t provide You an extra slot for unloading due to very high local pics and unloading capacity reached. Your truck need to wait till Monday.
In the last few weeks the show has been playing to about 85 percent capacity. By the end of the summer, the system was running at full capacity.
do you have a spare room in your house? Absolutely not. We're full to capacity in our house.
Digital music systems and multimedia servers now enjoy virtually unlimited capacity for the storage of cds,
Singing is beyond my capacity. (Śpiewanie jest poza moimi zdolnościami.) She has a great capacity for love. The capacity of this truck is 13 tons. (Ładowność tej ciężarówki wynosi 13 ton.)
Germany aims to increase the installed capacity of offshore wind installations to 6,500 megawatts by 2020.
When the engine capacity is close to two litres, it qualifies as a two-litre engine.
the amount of something that can be put in a container, or the number of people that a place has room for. There are plans to increase the capacity of the stadium.

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7. output output

Despite a shortage of steel, industrial output has increased by five percent.
The overall output was tons.
Steel output set a record for two consecutive years.
The output power of a one square meter solar panel is about one watt, so it is difficult to use solar power on a large scale at present.
They checked the output of the machines and of the workers.
It is unclear in Patterson's experiment whether the output objects fully correspond to the designed models.
Gross national product is a nation's total output of goods and services as measured in monetary value.
The output of E->J translation software can be improved greatly by the way the user utilises it.
Connect a cable to the output.
I think it might be useful if you could add how to output the diphthongs (with small ya/yu/yo) and geminate consonants (with small tsu).
This wind energy output greatly lags behind similar sized countries such as Spain.
We have increased our total output from 4,500 to 7,500 barrels of oil per day.
It's about output practice, right?
maximum output
She investigated the company's output record carefully.

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8. throughput throughput

an airport with a weekly throughput of 100,000 passengers or a large store with a high throughput of goods
The throughput of my computer is really good.
And then you have hearing and smell, which has the throughput of a hard disk.
... we get pretty reasonable throughput on the internet, because...
This shredder features a very high throughput rate.