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trasa in English:

1. route

There was a smash-up out on Route 66 today.
Present-day Japan is going down the route to self destruction, isn't it?
Ile mountain route.
Imogen of the Internet, having seen Flickr's entire photo collection, will never take the scenic route again.
After weighing all these considerations, the promoters will present their scheme in the form of a private bill; however, they might find themselves forced to alter the route in order to meet criticisms in Parliament.
Toss it into the air and it follows a preprogrammed route, snapping high‐resolution images that are then integrated into maps and 3‐D models.
The surveyor could also advise the promoters which route could be most easily—and therefore most cheaply—constructed.
It then became necessary to settle the best route for the line to follow; and that was determined, in the first place, by the shape of the land it had to cross.
Route 12 stops near the opera house.
The regular bus number 5 route now takes half an hour longer.
Our route is still unclear, so we need to work on it.
I tried various routes but the roads were blocked.
I like black routes and my wife likes blue routes.
I've been trying to find a new route to my work since traffic is so bad right now.
He was accustomed to flying alone, and he had flown this route in his imagination many times.

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2. itinerary

Following this itinerary, you'll want to stay north the first night.
Our itinerary included stops at several famous cathedrals. I'll mail you a copy of my itinerary so you'll know where to reach me. /aɪˈtɪnəˈrɛri/
This location wasn't in our itinerary.
If you need more information, consult the itinerary.
The itinerary is Venice, Pisa and a morning in Florence
The tour operator will arrange transport and plan your itinerary
This is the itinerary for the trip -- it contains all the times and places we will visit.
We have a problem with your itinerary.
Okay, your boarding pass and itinerary are in your bag.
Paris is the first place on our itinerary.
The President's itinerary includes visits to Boston and New York.
Try one, two or all three of the picks in this itinerary
"The tour operator will arrange transport and plan your itinerary."
Let's go through the itinerary.
Take a look at our suggested three-day itinerary.

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3. tour

He is leaving for China on an inspection tour next month.
During the tour he broke apart from the group and found his own way.
Why did we have to come on this tour? It's really boring.
It's more interesting to travel alone than to go on a group tour.
guided tour
Contador won the yellow jersey in the Tour de France.
On a fine day in spring, we enjoyed a walking tour to the full.
French finance minister Christine Lagarde headed to Brazil as part of a tour to garner support for her candidacy.
Her heart burst with gladness to see her husband return home from his overseas tour of Iran.
He said on his return, "It has been a wonderful tour."
Her latest album is a tour de force. It even has a storyline.
On his tour of Italy, he visited several cities which are famous for their scenic beauty, for instance, Naples and Florence.
Return fare to New York, accommodation, full board and some guided sight-seeing tours.
Guided tours in English are offered several times a day for a small fee.
We did a city tour in Paris after having a meal.

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