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pyszne in English:

1. yummy yummy

They are yummy!
There are some yummy-​looking ​desserts over there.
The lollipop I've just eaten was yummy!
Your cake is yummy.
This chick looks really yummy.
I don't want this yummy food to get cold. / 2. I must have the name of your caterer, so yummy. / 3. Do you think he's yummy enough? / 4. He looked yummy in your leather jacket. / 5. What a nice and yummy bloke that was.

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2. delicious

The eating of delicious food is one of the most intense and poignant pleasures of life.
Delicious looking food doesn't necessarily taste good.
Tom was talking about the delicious food they had eaten on their trip.
It's delicious!
Don't you think that the cookies that you baked today are the most delicious amongst the cookies that you have baked so far?
You have the attention span of a chicken. "Chickens are delicious." "My point exactly."
The dishes were not so delicious, but otherwise the party was a success.
If I could stay at a hotel near Akasaka and eat a delicious meal, I'd feel like a princess.
Galaxies come in all sorts of delicious flavours.
All kinds of food and drink are delicious and good for you, but you have to know when, where, and in what quantity.
Carrefour's Ham offcuts are not expensive at all, but are nonetheless delicious.
Last year in Nagoya I ate a very delicious dish called "Shoujin Ryouri".
At Papa South, you can eat delicious homestyle food.
The delicious smell of freshly made coffee came from the kitchen.

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