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pralka in English:

1. washing machine washing machine

My clothes don't fit in the washing machine.
Our washing machine broke down again - I think we'll have to buy a new one.
I'm afraid I broke the washing machine by washing my shoes in it.
I don't have washing machine at home.
Just put the detergent into the washing machine, and press the switch.
Could you empty the washing machine, please?
I can't imagine my life without washing machine.
I have four children so I need a washing machine.
I always put my dirty clothes into the washing machine after playing football.
Our washing machine is ten years old.
Do you know how to use your washing machine?
I need a washing machine because my old washing machine is broken.
Oh, no! The washing machine broke down.
We will pack the washing machine to clean everything.

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2. washer washer

You have a leak because of a broken washer
The tap is dripping. It needs a new washer.

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