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opona in English:

1. tyre tyre

He put new tyres on his bike.
We got a flat tyre along the way.
I need to put some air in my tyres.
I need to change the tyres on my car.
A nail penetrated the car tyre.
Rubber tyres protect a car from lightning.
Teenagers let down tyres on school buses.
I had to walk home because my bicycle had a flat tyre.
Formula One tyres are built to last just one race distance
Definition tyres are the round rubber outer coverings of the wheels of cars, buses, bicycles etc that are filled with air
The tyre is flat.
He braked really hard - I could smell the rubber on his tyres.
Have you changed your tyres yet?
The company makes tyres for different vehicles.
Do you have a bucket of water for me by any chance? I have a flat tyre.

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2. flat tyre flat tyre

I have a flat tyre.
I couldn't drive any further because of a flat tyre
We couldn’t leave, until we pumped up the flat tyre.
If you get a flat tyre you cant drive.

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3. tyre's tyre's

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