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opiekuńczy in English:

1. tutelary

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2. caring

She assisted her mother in caring for the baby.
I've always thought of Jo as a very caring person.
She gives the impression of not caring much about anything.
You're the most caring person in the world.
Even though Trang continued to say that she loved him, Spenser couldn't do anything but fear that she would stop caring for him.
Sharing is caring.
Caring means being alive.
You have many caring friends.
He doesn't want to be encumbered with the responsibility of caring for children.
His stern tone and loud voice belied his inner sensitivity and caring nature.
Since his wife died, he has become a caring father.
a caring and invaluable friend / the caring professions
My mother-in-low is a caring woman
I want to work in a caring profession like nursing.
She kneed me again, not even caring that she was hurt.

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3. protective

Don't be too protective of your children. Sometimes they must learn from their own mistakes.
We must take protective measures against floods.
From the age of five years, schools may play a protective role.
It's ​easy to be too protective towards/of ​your ​children.
Turtles have protective shells.
long-lasting and protective benefits for your brain
Man, too, has been given protective devices against extreme temperatures.
If it continues to be stimulated the skin's protective function causes thickening and it becomes stiff and hard with pores that stand out.
When attaching a polarizing plate, set it first and then attach a protective plate (a clear acrylic plate).

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4. carey's

Mariah Carey's greatest gift is her voice.

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5. patronising

Your arrogant and patronising style makes me think you probably didn't go to comprehensive schools.
Angela was very patronising.