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narciarstwo in English:

1. skiing skiing

We're torn between going to a hot spring and going skiing.
I didn't want to catch a cold, so I didn't go skiing.
He can't swim at all, but when it comes to skiing, he is the best.
I thought a bunch of people would go water skiing with us, but absolutely no one else showed up.
I'm glad you enjoy skiing, but I guess it's just not my cup of tea.
According to an expert, neither mountaineering nor skiing is dangerous.
go skiing
The people who live in the north of Japan enjoy skiing in the winter in the snow.
Chance has thrown us together at a skiing resort.
Nordic combined is one of the winter sport events, a competition where you compete on the combination of two Nordic style ski events - cross country skiing and ski jumping.
I`ve never tried skiing so far
They spend each winter in Switzerland, skiing most of the time.
Skiing, barbecues, parties: with this plan you get the best of everything and can enjoy it all on a one-day visit.
You can go skiing if you like, but for my part I prefer to stay at home and read a novel.
In high school, I won the Osaka and Kinki championships in cross-country skiing and Nordic combined skiing on countless occasions.

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2. go skiing go skiing

I often go skiing in the Alps.
We go skiing to Zakopane every winter.
They were going to go skiing today, just like us.