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napaść in English:

1. assault assault

He was charged with assault.
An 18 hour assault has pummelled the town center.
A woman and a man have been convicted of assaulting a police officer. He had attempted to sexually assault the woman.
The barricade was stronger than it had been for the first assault, and the rebels were at their positions, guns loaded and ready for action.
verbal assault
It was a real assault on the senses: a beautiful view, peaceful music and delicious food.
Smacking a child is considered assault in Sweden
This brutal assault, which was not motivated by robbery, deserves the most severe condemnation.
She went to karate lessons to learn how to defend herself in case of an assault.
These incidents cover a wide range of behaviour, for example verbal abuse, graffiti or physical assault.
The political candidate promised to launch an assault against poverty if she were elected.
make an assault on somebody/something
For the victims of violent assaults, it is of little concern who ordered the violence.
Why do you think some assaults are never reported to the police?
She was assaulted in the street in broad daylight.

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2. mug mug

I never want to see his ugly mug again.
My favourite mug.
It's easy to do business with Jack. He has everything written on his mug.
Officer! What are you gonna do with this mug?
Yesterday, some guys mugged Jack.
someone mugged Annika and stole her copy
What an ugly mug she has!
You messed everything up, you're such a mug.
“I haven’t seen you in a long time.” Dykstra’s mug shot has been in the news recently.
He drank that large beer mug dry.
He was mugged as he walked across the park.
A mug is a typical souvenir.
Say what you like about DeNiro, but sure has a memorable mug.
mugger, mugging
napaść kogoś w celach rabunkowych, Der.: mugger (n), mugging (n)

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3. hold up

hold up the bank
I hate to hold up the meeting but I have to go to the bathroom.
This work is going to hold up most of the morning.
You are not hold up by slow costomers.
hold up
She wants to hold up the ceremony.
I hope the repairs hold up until we can get to a garage.
how'd it hold up?

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4. assaulting

assaulting the enemy

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5. mugging

Police warn that there have been more muggings in the area than usual, and they suggest people be vigilant.
Crime is on the increase, especially mugging and burglary.
Where did the mugging take place?
Because you wanted to make it look like a mugging?
A man was charged with the mugging of an old lady.
a park notorious for its muggings;
he suffered a broken arm during the mugging
a mugging is a crime in which someone is attacked in the street and their money is stolen

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