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1. maintenance

It is necessary to secure financing for local road maintenance.
Getting a sports car is easy, compared to the maintenance one must do on it.
maintenance works
All men who profit from the fruits of the earth must give back part of them to the Church, who will apply them to three uses: providing for pastors, the maintenance of religious buildings, help to the poor.
The maintenance of the house costs a lot.
1. maintenance arrears 2. to require sb to provide maintenance
You wouldn’t believe the maintenance, apparently.
he has worked in the school system's maintenance department for 16 years.
The window was replaced last week during a routine maintenance.
Your duties will involve answering and making phone calls to both new and existing clients to organise property viewings and maintenance
The definition of maintenance is providing support or upkeep to something. An example of maintenance is a janitor keeping a school clean.
Require little maintenance/ be easy (difficult) to maintain
I give my car regular maintenance.
Every machine here needs proper maintenance to function without problems.

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2. conservation

We need to put more effort into conservation of monuments of the pope.
I was asked to make a few remarks on energy conservation.
Forest conservation is an important issue all over the world.
I'm very interested in nature conservation.
WWF is an organisation which was set up to help the conservation of wildlife.
My cousin, who is passionate about conservation, is giving a speech tomorrow.
We measured the electricity used during air cooling in the same way as heating, and compared the old model air conditioner to the energy conservation (2001) model.
The giant panda is recognised as a national treasure of China, but in some conservation areas it is still killed by poachers.
The organization plays a principal role in wildlife conservation.
During the holidays, some university students go to Africa as volunteers and help to perfect local wildlife conservation.
The third is the preservation of environment. In this case, the conservation of energy and resources is needed.
It is only recently that people have begun to realize the importance of nature conservation.

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3. preservation

The wall is in a better state of preservation.
He has dedicated his life to the preservation of nature.
Antarctica needs advocates. And tourism creates a global constituency of people ready to support and indeed fund its preservation
building/environmental/food preservation
Sleep is essential for the preservation of life.
preservation of environment
The activists are fighting for the preservation of the Amazon jungle.
The third is the preservation of environment. In this case, the conservation of energy and resources is needed.
When it is appraised, in order to check the authenticity and state of preservation of the painting, the real thing has to be borrowed from its owner.
It is the preservation of the species, not of individuals, which appears to be the design of Deity throughout the whole of nature.

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