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buchnąć in English:

1. burst

gullets had burst.
Her heart burst with gladness to see her husband return home from his overseas tour of Iran.
If only I'd sold that property before the economic bubble burst I wouldn't have lost all that money.
Harold's arm bicycle workout was sufficiently vigorous that his pectorals burst into flame.
What was that noise? Did a tyre burst?
There must have been at least ten courses. I thought I was going to burst.
Generally, short bursts of long hours do lead to increases in productivity, but over time those gains disappear,
Three days before Vern burst into the clubhouse, Ray Brower had gone out with one of his mothers buckets to pick wild fruit.
I want to see her burst of red hair and big green eyes.
When he openly declared he would marry Pablo, he almost gave his grandmother a heart attack and made his aunt's eyes burst out of their sockets; however, his little sister beamed with pride.
What Alice, waiting for a reply, was faced with was a sudden howl. It was a resounding noise, sharp as to burst her ear drums, loud as to reach unto the heavens.
The tree roots have burst through the cement at several points along the sidewalk.
It is wonderful to think of Spring, when the new buds of the persimmon burst forth.
The frog inflated himself more and more, until finally he burst.
If you keep eating like this your body will burst open.

2. to pinch

Mrs Grandison’s pointed, Italian-style shoes were already beginning to pinch her feet [no object]: if your shoes pinch, take them off

English word "buchnąć"(to pinch) occurs in sets:

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3. explode

I think the engine is going to explode!
I'd explain it to you, but your brain would explode.
The news caused him to explode with anger.
My heart is pounding so hard it feels like it's going to explode.
The aim of this game is to explode all the bombs on the screen.
The bomb exploded and destroyed everything.
This book finally explodes some of the myths about the origin of the universe.
I panicked when I read that they expected big protests in Riyadh today, but then my wife reassured me, saying that she had just bought two bottles of olive oil, ensuring our living standard for months, even if oil prices were to explode.
Steam boilers may explode.
He was about to explode, but checked himself.
Powders of aluminium, magnesium, silicon, etc. explode.