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łopatka in English:

1. vane vane

weather vane
In my opinion, lack of a mission makes one's life vane.

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2. scapula scapula

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3. shoulder blade shoulder blade

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4. spatula spatula

My kitchen help has the intelligence of a spatula.

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5. blade blade

The blade is Valyrian steel, the handle dragonbone.
I think you should sharpen the blade.
What are knife-blades usually made of? Knife-blades are usually made of metal.
blade - a thin, wide part of a machine used to push air or water
wiper blade
The knife has a keen blade.
What is this blade for?
Jack is some blade.
I didn't know he's a blade.
Be careful with the blade
The blade was very sharp.
‘The knife was like a pocket knife, but bigger, the blade was still sharp.’
Throw my head on a blade
The tip of the knife blade is sharp.

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6. shoulder shoulder

Patting me on the shoulder, he thanked me for helping him.
He has a strong shoulder for you to lean on.
Tom looked over his shoulder to see if Mary was still following him.
The girl, who had her head on the boy's shoulder, looked around in surprise.
narrow shoulders
The shoulder joints, as well as moving on their own, also move in conjunction with arm movements.
In a lawless outpost deep within the desert, everybody wore football shoulder pads and mohawks.
2. Sew together the shoulder of the garment body.
You must not stop on the hard shoulder to go to the toilet.
They stood idle, instead of putting their shoulder to the wheel.
I glanced over my shoulder to make sure no one else was listening.
1. I patted him on the shoulder. 2. I won't shoulder the responsibility for your mistakes. / I can shoulder the responsibility.
He hurt his shoulder playing basketball.
When changing lanes look over your shoulder and check your blind spot.
He's had a big chip on his shoulder ever since he was passed up for promotion.

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